James Russi from Piety Flats Winery

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This great Yakima Winery was renovated from an old historic building and keeps much of the home grown character of the Yakima Valley.  They're located just off Highway 82 on Donald-Wapato Rd and ready to pour a glass of house ready.

Raise your wine glasses for James Russi from Piety Flats Winery.


James and Bryan



EY: Hey James, thanks for taking some time to do an interview!  How did Piety Flats Winery first get started?

James: My partner (Bryan Eglet) and I wanted to direct market fruit and produce.

EY: Sounds like a good enough reason - start with the fruit then move into the classy business of wine.  What makes Piety Flats so unique?

James: It's great wine and a very reasonable price. Oh, and we're in a charming old building from 1912.


Kris with a Winner


EY: Yeah, it looks great!  What was the building used for before 1912? 

James:  Just dry land farming.

EY: So, how long have you and Bryan been doing business in Yakima?

James: As a winery this is the 4th year.  As the Fruit and Mercantile—this is the 7th year.

EY: Well congratulations!  Got any funny stories?

James: A lady from Gig Harbor came to the store in April and asked for fresh apricots.  I said they are barely even buds at this point.  She looked at me kind of strange and then asked, “Well how about fresh apples then?”  Her husband pulled her aside and had a little talk.


So many products!


EY: Hmm, the unseasoned tourists.  So what do you like the most about Yakima?

James: The weather, it's beautiful 3 out of the 4 seasons.

EY: How about your favorite thing to do?

James: Golfing at Elks!

EY: It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  Now, picture you've just had a long, busy day at work.  What's your favorite food to sit down and eat?

James: Steak, medium rare.

EY: Is there ANY other way to eat steak?  Now, Hollywood has decided to make a movie of you incredible business venture and are doing casting calls.  Who would be your first pick to play you?

James: Rip Torn

EY: Whoa good pick. He cracked me up in Men in Black.  Final Question: If you could move anywhere in the entire world, where would you pick and why?

James: Tuscany, Italy because of their good wine.

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