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Christie's Cakes

1624 South 27th Ave,
Yakima, WA 98902
Telephone: (509) 961-5430

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Reviews (2)
Find that hard to believe
Reviewed by Rhonda S., 2009-01-27

I have ordered from Christie's several times now and have been absolutely impressed. She is very lively and very much desired to help me design just the right cake for my events. Christie came to my rescue recently and helped me decorate and put out chairs and everything. Once you meet with Christie, you would find that statement hard to believe.

Very Disappointing
Reviewed by Brenda Mallonee, 2008-05-27

I called to order a cupcake tower and mints for a bridal shower that I was throwing for a friend 2 months before the actual date. When I finally got ahold of Christie, I explained to her what I wanted and when I needed the desserts. Christie then told me the prices of everything and I said this will be perfect. YES, YES, YES I want you to make these desserts for this very special occasion.

Not hearing from Christie a week before the event, I called to make sure that everything was still a go. To my disappointment, Christie had booked a different event and is leaving me now with a week to find someone else to make dessert for the bridal shower.

As a client, I expected a little bit more professionalism with at LEAST a phone call notifying me that my order had been canceled!

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