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Washington Broadband

1112-1/2 Tieton Drive,,
Yakima, WA 98902
Telephone: 509-853-0858

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Unbelievably poor service
Reviewed by Todd, 2008-01-08

Stay away from Washington Broadband! Their "broadband" is very rarely higher than about 20Kbps when it's even working (slower than dial-up). I've been with them for a little over 3 months and have made phone calls literally every other day because of slow or no access. They don't have 24-hr service and even when they say it's available, they don't answer. They always blame problems on the weather. They've had to "change radios" so many times I've lost track. When I do get them on the phone, they couldn't care less. I believe the company is just a few guys with a couple of towers selling "access" with little knowledge of the technology. I'm now keeping a record of when it's down and when I call for service to be used in a lawsuit to get out of my contract. Some of us work from home and MUST have internet access... and we're paying for this??? Stay away- they are the worst company I've dealt with in recent memory and could be considered scam artists by charging for a service they do not provide.

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