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Columbia Steppe Coffeehouse

2529 Main St,
Union Gap, WA 98903
Telephone: 509-249-0005

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Average Visitor Rating: 3.99 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 5

Reviews (3)
Sarah's review
Reviewed by Sarah, 2007-03-20

I have not had as bad of an experience as the last reviewer but some of the people working there have been a bit impersonal or unfriendly on more then one occation. The drinks are usually good though.

Great hot chocolate...service could improve.
Reviewed by Geovanni, 2007-02-21

One of the better coffee shops around the Yakima area to be sure and the hot chocolate is great. My only complaint is, I actually witnessed one of the baristas being very rude to an elderly lady who was looking for a restroom. A friend who also witnessed this almost walked out befor her drink was ready because of this unprofessional display. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior in what would otherwise be a very pleasant establishment.

Fantastic local shop
Reviewed by NPollack, 2007-01-18

Not only is Columbia Steppe a great place to get coffee in the mall, they have a really impresseive selection of Yakima Valley wines too. I've been impressed every time I've shopped here.

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