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EY Directory Entry 

This local Yakima Valley business owner has been around Yakima for awhile mixing up some wonderful batches of soap.  She's located in the heart of Yakima off E. Yakima Ave and has created some wonderful hand-made soap.

Put your freshly washed, clean hands together for Julie Brown, The Little Soapmaker!

Julie Brown from The Little Soapmaker 

EY: So, Julie how did The Little Soapmaker begin?

Julie: I started by making soap for gifts and then was asked by a local Bed & Breakfast to make soap for them.  I didn’t know if I wanted to do it or not.  Then Vance Coram who was helping put together the first Yakima Farmer’s Market called me.  I don’t know how he heard about me but he asked if I would consider making soap for the Market.  I was flattered but wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually start a business.  Long story short … I DID! 

EY:  Candles, oils, and shampoos – all these products smell so good!  What makes them so special?

Julie: Well, the obvious is that I make my own products.  Secondly I am the only soapmaker in Yakima with an actual retail outlet for my customer’s convenience.  I also have a huge selection of handmade products and include other Yakima talents as well. 

The Little Soapmaker Lovely Atmosphere! 

EY:  That’s really cool, sharing the Yakima biz.  How long have you been doing business?

Julie: Since 1999. 

EY:  Whoa! You’re nearing your ten year anniversary.  Congrats!  Where are your favorite places to do business here in Yakima? 

Julie:  All of the locally owned businesses, Inklings, Merle Norman Cosmetics,  Gary’s Fly Shoppe, Vaux Shoes, Ambrosia Beads, etc… there are many, many, more. 

EY: What’re some of the funnier aspects of your job?

Julie: I guess it always makes me chuckle when people ask who actually makes the products.  When I tell them that I do, some people will lean forward and in a conspiratory tone whisper, “Yeah, but who really makes it?”  At this point I have laughed and told some that I have little elves in my basement. 

EY: Santa might have some real labor issues if they get too comfortable making soap.  J  What do you like most about Yakima?

Julie:  Ah… the great sunshine, the 4 seasons, the community as a whole.  I’ve been in many different cities both in the U.S. and around the world.  I think Yakima is great. 

Plenty of soap from this Soapmaker 

EY: Trekking the globe and resting here in Yakima.  What could be better?  How about your favorite thing to do?

Julie:  Go out to dinner (we have many fine restaurants) walk in the sunshine, shop, eat the awesomely fresh fruits and vegetables. 

EY: The fruit here is awesome!  Nothing like Yakima Valley produce.  Speaking of food, what’s your favorite kind?

Julie: Mexican, Thai, and one of my favorite newly discovered little gems, eating at the River Ridge Golf Course. 

EY: Okay, if Hollywood decided your life story was box office material, who would play you on the big screen?

Julie: Bonnie Hunt. 

EY: She was hilarious in Jerry McGuire.  And for the win, if you could visit or live anywhere else in the entire world – where would it be? 

Julie:  Visit? Everywhere… Live? Yakima!!

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