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Welcome to Everything Yakima's Local Spotlight! Here at EY we'd like to spotlight great local Yakima Valley buiness owners who have been around the valley a few times and have some great things to share about themselves, their business, and the city.

Every month we at EY will focus on a new business owner in Yakima - his/her likes, dislikes, sprinkled with a few funny stories along the way. Some of these local businesses owners you may have seen around town, some may be people you have only heard of. Either way, these interesting folks have something to share about their experience in Yakima.

Get to know some of the businesses in the neighborhood with EY's fun question and answer sessions. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new about that local business owner just around the corner!

Lucy Curley from Top Tack Inc. PDF Print

ilm-lucy_curly_toptacinc-001This Yakima-based horse supply business has been around for nearly 2 decades!  If you enjoy a good equestrian saddle for some nice scenic horseback riding then you're in good company.

Gallop on over and learn about Lucy Curly from Top Tack Inc.

James Russi from Piety Flats Winery PDF Print

Piety Flats WineryThis great Yakima Winery was renovated from an old historic building and keeps much of the home grown character of the Yakima Valley.  They're located just off Highway 82 on Donald-Wapato Rd and ready to pour a glass of house ready.

Raise your wine glasses for James Russi from Piety Flats Winery.

Julie Brown from The Little Soapmaker PDF Print

The Little SoapmakerThis local Yakima Valley business owner has been around Yakima for awhile mixing up some wonderful batches of soap.  She's located in the heart of Yakima off E. Yakima Ave and has created some wonderful hand-made soap. 

Put your freshly washed, clean hands together for Julie Brown, The Little Soapmaker.

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