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Yakima Washington, A Valley Rich in Culture

Long before settlers entered the Yakima Valley, Native Americans thrived on the land which was rich in salmon, berries, and nuts. The homesteaders who established the community of Yakima that we know today continued this tradition of living off the fertile land and making the desert bloom.

Picture of Apples on a tree with the sky in the backgroundThe culture of Yakima today is strongly anchored in agriculture. Many residents of the Valley are orchardists or farmers. Everyone, whether a grower or not, can enjoy and benefit from the valley's fresh produce.

Yakima has a large Hispanic population which offers valuable contributions to the culture of the Valley. The Yakama Indian Nation is also an invaluable facet of the Valley's culture. Living in Yakima, it is easy to experience and learn from the diverse peoples, histories, and cultures that are so close by. Through the medium of agriculture, different people have come together and can share common goals and ways of life.

The Yakima Valley Museum and the Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center are two excellent places to go to learn more about the culture of the Yakima Valley.

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